Ivan Young

Private Investigator
Young Investigations - Private Investigations and Reviews. I have certification in Law Enforcement in the states of Missouri and Nebraska, and certificates in obtained executive protection and investigation.

Young Investigations performs private investigations for businesses and individuals with a emphasis to the bi-sexual, gay and lesbian communities. Investigations performed are, infidelity, abuse, employee theft, undercover operations, adoption research, information research, process services, child custody, parental suitability, teen problems, wrongful termination, pre-matrimonial, pre-employment, repossession locate, surveillance, insurance defense, work related injuries, skip tracing, sexual harassment, stalking, sexual preference harassment, neighborhood harassment, landlord abuse, landlord unfair treatment, employer prejudice, This list is only a partial list of investigative services offered.

Young Investigations also reviews documentation from anywhere within the United States and offers suggestions of defense or recourse, reviews include police reports, traffic accident reports, domestic orders, charges of abuse or neglect. Reviews are performed on research information gained from each individual State and City, again this list is only a partial list, please e-mail if your desired investigations or reviews are not listed.

Special skills are in the field of Law Enforcement, i.e. Investigation techniques, interviewing witnesses, surveillance, reports, researching information, working with people from all backgrounds in a fair and open minded manner.


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