I would like to thank the following people and organizations who helped tremendously with the creation of this website:

  • The creators of the Kink Aware Professionals List and Poly Friendly Professionals List, which provided the inspiration for this site.
  • The members of BiZone.org, who provided a host site for this directory.
  • Tom Limoncelli, bi activist and old friend, who provided advice and technical assistance on numerous aspects of the project.
  • Michael Litzky, who’s data-entry and other help keeps the site going!
  • Emmett Pickerel, partner extraordinaire, who set up the initial database for the site.
  • The many bisexuality-aware professionals who provide services to our community and who agreed to be listed in this directory.

To contact the directory coordinator, email Geri Weitzman, PhD at [email protected]

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