Sasha (PhD) and Janet Kira Lessin

Relationship Counselors - School of Counseling, School of Tantra. Certified: Holotropic Breathwork, Jungian Pastlife, Hypnotherapy, Viniyoga; Voice Dialogue, Gestalt facilitator
Dr. Sasha and Janet Kira Lessin are bisexual counselors specializing in relationship facilitation, tantra and deep inner exploration using the tools of Voice Dialogue, psychosynthesis, tantra, existential life review, gestalt psychology, hypnosis, jouneywork, childhood and pastlife regression, Holotropic Breathwork and yoga. The Lessins run a tantra certification program and provide regular trainings in polyamorous living in their bisexual, tantric, live-in community in Hawaii. They educate and facilitate nontraditional relations and are major contributors to the polyamory movement and are media spokespeople for relationship choice. Janet and Sasha’s publications, most of which appear in Loving More Magazine, include Bisexuality is a Touchy Subject, The Perils and Pearls of Polyamory, Goddess Gifts Goddess, Get More with Four, and a book, The Polytantra Puja: Sacred Sexuality for Polyamorous Lovers.


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