Ivy Tiegel LMFT

Psychotherapist licensed in CA: LMFT #114700. MA in Counseling Psychology, Expressive Arts Therapy concentration. MFA in Studio Art

It takes courage to shine light on the parts of you that want to be seen. With a spirit of play and creativity, I will encourage you to engage your sense of wonder, so we can identify and build on your unique strengths.

Do you struggle in your relationships? What could it be like to intentionally cultivate a relationship where you are always seen and valued? With the right fit, that’s what happens in therapy. I will accept you exactly as you are, while making space for the person you are growing into - with compassion, warmth, and sometimes even humor. All of your emotions are welcome in our exploration - even the ones you judge yourself for.

You deserve to feel love and belonging.

As your therapist, I will invite you into a deeper and more rewarding relationship with yourself. Therapy looks different for everyone. We will work together to collaboratively discover what therapy looks like for you. You know yourself better than I ever will.

If you are seeking therapy with a partner or partners, I will help you learn to slow down and LISTEN to each other with curiosity, respect, and a willingness to be surprised. With couples and partners in all kinds of relationships, I support you to communicate more effectively, and see the best in one another.

Using a culturally sensitive, anti-oppression lens, I welcome people of every ability, size, gender, national origin, race/ethnicity, religious affiliation, relationship style; anywhere along the gender and sexuality spectrum - from teens to elders. I am CNM/polyamory-aware and BDSM/kink-knowledgeable, and sex worker friendly.

Some areas of focus:

Relationships and Intimacy • Open Relationships/Consensual Non-Monogamy • Sexuality, Gender and Identity including LGBTQQ2SIA+ • Sex Therapy • Cultural Differences and Power Dynamics • Issues around experiences of Privilege or Oppression • Anxiety, Stress and Depression • ADHD/ Neurodivergence • Creativity • Self Compassion and Releasing Shame • Life Transitions and Life Purpose • Psychedelic and Entheogenic Integration • Grief, Loss and Loneliness


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