Bet MacArthur

MSW, LICSW #100193 (MA)
Board-Certified Diplomate of the American Board of Examiners in Clinical Social Work.

Clinical Social Worker; personal and corporate coach with Arena Group Coaching & Consulting; consultant; producer of the longest-running and largest psychology-in-film series in the nation, http://www.psychologygoestothemovies.org, and teacher of film and pop culture theory. Also, disability activist, currently Chair of the City of Cambridge Commission for People with Disabilities.

As a therapist, I provide individual, couple and family psychotherapy to people of all ages, cultures and nationalities; of all gender and sexual expressions; and to people with disabilities of any kind. My current case load includes Asian, African-American, and West Indian clients as well as European and Celtic descendants; and includes bi and gay men, lesbians and bi women, poly individuals and couples, cross-dressers and those in the BDSM D/S scene (see below) I work in English. I understand West Indian. My secondary office is fully accessible, but I do not have ASL or TTY. I will work with any level of trouble of mental illness, including people diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, psychotic illnesses, Aspergers (autism), epilepsy, etc. I also provide consultation of all kinds in psychiatry and therapy issues, second opinions, diagnostic aid, etc. I work as covering senior clinician for many Cambridge therapists when they are away. Some special areas of experience include: ADD & ADHD; Evaluating and supporting people (including children and adolescents) with gender concerns, cross-dressing, and those seeking complete gender realignment or correction (I am an approved provider in this speciality). I work with artists, actors, performers, writers, poets, and other creatives. I do pre-marital counseling upon request for couples with differences in race, class or culture; or for couples in which one partner has a significant disability.

As a coach, I work with anyone who has a goal they are determined and committed to achieve. I coach physicians; I coach for ICI, a program for women with disabilities seeking employment or career development; I coach novelists, screenwriters, contruction workers, nurses, etc. The Arena Method® is used by coaches in my firm and has proven very dynamic – it teaches clients how to want something in the way that ensures getting it. Fees for coaching are structured differently from most professional fees, but are roughly similar to therapy costs overall. Clients contract initially for 90 days, usually including one 30-minute phone meeting per week (clients may be in any part of the world) and weekly structured tasks. Different service packages provide additional supports according to each plan. For the client, coaching requires guts and is a more strenuous course than being in therapy; it also works faster to structure current goals.

Vitae of publications available upon request.


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