Arthur Sullivan

Psychotherapist / Social Worker - ( at Transcendent Self PLLC)
LMSW, NY, 106691

My practice is humanistic, person-centered, and relational. Trauma thrives in isolation and denial, and deep healing happens in relationships. Autonomy and agency are central in our therapeutic relationship. Through sessions, my goal is to help you reconnect with the most authentic version of yourself and free yourself from limiting beliefs that systemic and interpersonal trauma may have placed on you. We will also reconnect with and define your values and inner sense of intuition. There can be a lot of pain and deep contemplation in therapy. There is also profound relief and joy in being seen. Many of us grow up believing that we are unacceptable in some way which can lead to shame and repression. I’m certain that together, we will create greater confidence and joy in your ability to just be. I’m looking forward to speaking with you.

I work with emotional dysregulation, (C)PTSD, insecure attachment styles, perfectionism, guilt/shame, grief, spiritual crises, identity integration, depression, anxiety, and relationship stress. I service individuals with practice kink, ENM/polyamory. I service individuals engaged in sex work. I practice from a feminist, anti-oppressive, and disability justice philosophy.

I offer a DBT Skills Group and a Collage Processing Group in person. Please reach out if you are interested in hearing more about intake.

I’m fluent in English. I do individual, couples, and group sessions with adults.


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