Mark Silver

Business consultant/healer - Heart of Business
The Heart of Business provides coaching, healing, guidance and training for the hearts of non-profit executives and entrepreneurs throughout North America. I bring an active connection with the Divine to my work, and have worked with dozens of entrepreneurs, small business owners, corporate managers, and non-profits in the areas of marketing, organizational development, fundraising, and communication. Trained at the Jaffe Institute, I am also a Sufi healer and teacher. I combine my healership with practical business skills to help you find clarity and confidence in your business and your life. My work with the bisexual community includes 5 years as the managing editor of Anything That Moves, as well having had an active role as a consultant and activist with BiNet USA for nearly two years. “We were on the brink of total collapse, and Mark provided the crucial guidance and support we needed to survive and to thrive more than we ever have before.” Barry Saiff, former President, BiNet USA


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