Barbara Brown

BSc (anatomy) MTS (counseling)
Psychotherapist and Craniosacral Practitioner, Harbord Health Centre. Levels I and II Craniosacral Training. An integrative approach to health and healing.

I offer caring, compassionate support for a process that allows you to go deep effectively and manageably. In a relationship of safety, we will draw on physical, emotional, and intellectual awareness to assist growth and change. Through using various modalities such as meditation, visualization, movement, and creative expression, personal knowing and expansion is enhanced.

I have worked extensively with people healing from trauma, including child sexual and physical abuse, and with those exploring creativity, sexuality, body and health issues, and spirituality. I bring a sensitivity to and awareness of questions of sexual and gender orientation. General areas of focus include self-esteem, image, assertiveness, and communication skills.

What is Craniosacral Work? It is a hands-on meditative process that brings about change gently and non-intrusively. Craniosacral treatments provide energy balancing that supports our innate ability to heal. Coming out of osteopathic medicine, it involves gentle holding and light touch on the head, face, and tailbone. People report a deep sense of relaxation, calm, groundedness, and/or centeredness from treatments. Craniosacral techniques can be used in conjuncture with the psychotherapeutic process, where appropriate, as one method of supporting internal change. The client is fully clothed for the session.

Publications (full publication CV available upon request): My Breasts, My Choice: A Photographic & Narrative Journey, exploring peoples experience of breast and chest surgery through photography and storytelling.


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