Tina Tessina


Licensed Psychotherapist, supervisor of interns, and author.

MA in Counseling Psychology; PhD in Clinical Psychology; Diplomate, American Psychotherapy Association

I am a gay, lesbian, transgender and bi-friendly therapist practicing in Long Beach, California. For over twenty five years, I have counseled lesbian, gay, bi, HIV+, polyamorous and transgender clients in individual, couple and group sessions. I specialize in alternative lifestyles and relationships, and I’m also experienced in treating depression, anxiety, self- esteem, anger and addition issues. I’ve also lectured at colleges, PFLAG and hotlines on alternative lifestyle issues of all kinds. In addition, I am certified in California to supervise counseling interns. Author of 11 books in 14 languages, including:

  • Gay Relationships: How To Find Them, How To Improve Them, How To Make Them Last (Tarcher, 1989)
  • The 10 Smartest Decisions A Woman Can Make Before 40 (HCI, Deerfield Beach, 1998) with Elizabeth Friar Williams
  • The Unofficial Guide to Dating Again (Macmillan/IDG, NY 1999)
  • The Real Thirteenth Step: Achieving Autonomy, Confidence and Self-reliance
  • Beyond the Twelve Step Programs Revised 2nd Edition (New Page 2001)
  • The Ten Smartest Decisions a Woman Can Make After Forty (Renaissance, 2001)
  • How To Be a Couple and Still Be Free (1980 -3rd edition: New Page 2002) with Riley K. Smith
  • It Ends With You: Grow Up and Out of Dysfunction (New Page 2003)

P.O. BOX 4883   LONG BEACH, CA 90804

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