Aimee Beardslee LMHC, EdS, MS

Licensed Mental Health Counselor, LGBTQ+ Affirmative Therapist, & Gender Specialist

Rainbow Counseling

EdS and MS in Mental Health Counseling, completion of multiple trainings for LGBTQ+ and poly affirming therapy, completion of Gottman Level 1 training, licensed in Florida, MH13919


-Couples Counseling for same sex/same gender couples

-Individual Counseling for LGBTQIAP+ clients

-Couples/Relationship Counseling for clients with diverse sexual orientations and/or gender identities, including mixed orientation relationships (partners having differing sexual orientations, for example: lesbian/gay & bi, or straight & bi)

-Counseling for those in cis/trans relationships and those in a relationship in which one or more partners are transgender, gender diverse, genderqueer, and/or nonbinary (and who may need help navigating one or both partners' transitions and potential impacts on the relationship)

-Counseling for those in poly/open/CNM (consensually non-monogamous) relationships or those who are considering opening up their relationship and need a safe, confidential space to explore this

-Individual and couples/relationship counseling for clients who are transgender, gender diverse, genderqueer, gender nonconforming, and/or non-binary

-Gender Affirming Therapy for transgender/gender nonconforming clients, including providing gender identity exploration support and assessments/referrals for gender affirming hormone therapy and surgeries (including for those who are nonbinary/gender nonconforming/genderqueer)

-I am also kink/BDSM affirming!

Serving clients age 18+

Private pay only but can submit superbill if client wishes to seek reimbursement


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