Ashley Sovereign

License LP4805

I am a psychologist licensed to practice in Minnesota with over 20 years of experience providing individual and group counseling to a diverse range of adults and adolescents. I hold a doctorate in Counseling Psychology and have specialized in working with people in nontraditional relationships, young adults, GLBT populations, and developing clinicians.

My approach to psychotherapy is informed by my research on master therapists and is fundamentally collaborative and existential. I incorporate a variety of treatment methods as appropriate, including cognitive-behavioral, process-experiential, and solution-focused strategies. I am involved in the training of doctoral-level psychologists and provide clinical supervision and consultation for graduate students and post-doctoral clinicians.

Areas of competency include: Depression, Anxiety, Grief & Loss, Anger, Sexuality Issues, Sexual Abuse, Domestic Violence, Pregnancy-Related Concerns, Relationship Difficulties, Parenting Concerns, Stress Management, Career Challenges, Life Transitions, Personality Issues, Substance Abuse, Trauma

Publications include:

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