Rachel Robbins


Psychotherapy for adults, young adults, and couples

Licensed Clinical Psychologist in CA - License Number PSY22646

At my practice Divergent Worlds I provide psychotherapy for adults, young adults, and relationships; supervision for associates; and clinical consultations. I approach this work with a collaborative style, supporting people as they engage in their therapy experience. I provide non-judgmental supportive therapy for people with a range of sexual, relationship, and gender identities and experiences, including LGBTQIQA2S, BDSM, sexual variations, furries, non-monogamy, non binary gender and gender fluidity, and sex workers. I specialize in working through sexuality/gender/relationship related concerns, and supporting these folks with the other aspects of their inner and outer worlds. In my practice and in my world, I acknowledge and work to address systematic and environmental barriers and oppression, and I strive to build a practice and a therapeutic space that includes all aspects of your world. I focus on trauma recovery, body image, disability, impulse control, depression, anxiety, creating boundaries, self esteem, empowerment, substance abuse, adaptive coping skills, and relationships. I believe that therapy should be accessible for everybody who wants it. As part of my efforts to increase access to supportive services, I use a sliding scale and accept Medi-Cal. Please feel free to contact me for more information or to schedule an appointment.


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