The Center for Sex and Culture

The Center for Sex and Culture hosts and supports events related to the Bisexual community (including our annual upcoming Bi-BQ, a community oriented picnic). The space welcomes bisexual-identified people of all genders and provides resources through our extensive library of sexuality and gender related material (academic and otherwise), including a bisexuality section that features books, papers and journals of all types. Additionally, Dr. Carol Queen, the founder of the Center for Sex and Culture, is the co-editor of two editions of Best Bisexual Erotica.

Dr. Carol Queen holds a PhD in Human Sexuality and is an essayist, erotic writer, staff sexologist and Chief Cultural Officer at Good Vibrations, and has addressed numerous scholarly and professional conferences. Dr. Robert Morgan Lawrence has a Doctorate of Education in Human Sexuality and a second PhD in health care. He has been working as a sex educator for 38 years, and has been a guest lecturer at many colleges and universities across the country.

The Center for Sex and Culture is a non-profit community center that hosts events, classes and parties ranging across topics related to sexuality, gender and sex education. The Center is also home to a gallery and huge archive and library of sex-related materials. The materials range from academic journals and papers to what has been called the largest erotic zine library in the world, to pulp and porn from the 1950s-today. Information on events, lectures, and how to get involved can be found on our website, along with several membership programs that can be applied to the cost of workshops and events, as well as library access.


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