Harrie Farrow

Life Coach
Navigating the Biways - Life Coaching for Bisexuals. BA in psychology (clinical focus) with a minor in human sexual studies, from San Francisco State University.

I offer life coaching for bisexuals and those who love them. I assist clients with bisexual related issues ranging from questioning ones sexual identity and coming out to ones self, to coping with biphobia from the gay community and reconciling a bisexual identity within a monogamous relationship. I help bisexuals go through the process of deciding if, when and how to come out to others including their parents, spouses, children and religious community. I help those who have had someone close to them come out as bisexual cope with this revelation and learn how best to respond. I work with bisexuals dealing with polyamorous issues as well.

I help clients process and understand what is happening in their life. Information, guidance, and support are geared towards helping the client find a way to move towards a more workable, satisfying, and happy future. Through a process of questions, conversations, and education, I help clients discover within themselves an understanding of what they ultimately, realistically, want the outcome of their situation to be. Together we explore the clients options so they can come up with the best choices for achieving their vision for their future. Arming the client with coping and conversational skills, I will see them through the process. I also offer consulting services to other professionals and businesses who work with or do business with bisexuals.

                                                           50-minute Skype sessions are $45, and also include: An initial free consultation to determine if we are a right fit for each other, an assessment questionnaire, personalized action plans, personalized activities and/or reading assignments geared toward helping the client further their goals, and materials and resources customized towards the clients particular issues/goals.
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