Rabbi Debra Kolodny

Executive Director, Nehirim (national LGBTQ Jewish organization), Rabbi, Pnai Or of Portland, Spiritual Director (spiritual counselor), teacher, retreat leader, activist, public speaker, writer
I offer one on one spiritual counseling to people of all faith persuasions, public speaking, prayer leadership, teaching, non-profit administration and non-profit consulting. I serve all ages, all sexual orientations, all gender identities, congregations, faith based and secular social justice organizations. My fees depend on the nature of the work I am providing. One on one counseling, sliding scale of $75-$100 an hour. For a weekend congregational retreat, $2,500-$4,000, depending on the size of the community. For organizational development work with non-profits, $500-$1,500 a day. I published Blessed Bi Spirit, Bisexual People of Faith in 2000 and dozens of essays, chapters and articles on bisexuality since the late 1980s.


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