Reed Lindberg

Licensed Professional Counselor - Colorado # 354 Boulder Psychotherapy Institute

Reed Lindberg, M.A., L.P.C., is the Managing Director of the Boulder Psychotherapy Institute. He is a therapist with 20 years experience. He refers to his work as Relationship, Sex and Romance Counseling.

Reed works with people of all sexual orientations, and feels privileged to share in the inner and interpersonal worlds of his clients and to work with them on their personal and relationship issues. He works to restore playfulness and trust to a relationship that may have grown mired in everyday life. His therapy is a mutual exploration of a couples issues and strengths. He does work with both individuals and couples.

Reed uses an existential perspective supplemented by Gestalt therapy and other approaches. Existential therapy starts from the assumption that we do not have a static self and are free to make significant changes in our lives and in the ways that we relate to each other. It encourages each persons freedom while building relationship. It works with authenticity. Neither freedom nor connectedness are ignored.

A therapist must be willing to go there with clients if he is to help them extricate themselves from the impact of the past. But he believes that it is the release of creativity and authentic relatedness in the present that is the aim of psychotherapy. Reed offers a free initial meeting to help see if we will work well together.

Reed also works with language and communication to help change the style of a couples dynamics. Resentments and even anger may tinge a couples interactions - a trusted third party, through observation and coaching, can help modify the words and attitudes that bring frustration to a relationship.

To understand, respect, and be present to the lived reality of others is one of the great privileges of living in relationship and of being a psychotherapist.

1140 LEHIGH ST., BOULDER, CO 80305

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