Scott Bartell

Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (MN License#00582)

I am an “out” bisexual/transgendered therapist with 30 years experience. I serve GLBTQA and straight/undeclared clients using Ericksonian Utilization (Hypnotherapy), EMDR, Cognitive-Behavioral and Gestalt approaches; specialties are sexual orientation , gender identity, sexual dysfunction and sexual abuse.

I am a member of HBIGDA and ISNA and have been a consultant to the Program in Human Sexuality for many years. I am friendly to the polyamorous, kink, pagan and other minority communities. I have worked in many hospitals and clinics, facilitated the Bisexual Forum and other support/discussion groups here and in California. I am also Coordinator for Training and Consultation at Walk-In Counseling Center (my complete curriculum vitae is available at their website listed above) where I provide supervision and consultation to other professionals and organizations.

I was the recipient in 1999 of the AIB Globe Awared for Outstanding Service to the BiWorld Community, presented by Fritz Klein MD.

3204-18TH AVE. SO., STE.#5, MPLS, MN 55407

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