Lee M. Faver

PhD, ABClinP
Licensed Psychologist, Board Diplomate in Clinical Psychology

I am an openly gay licensed and board certified psychologist, experienced with a broad population of 15-75 year old people. I provide individual and couple therapy from a highly integrated, self-psychology based approach.

My experience in the arenas of sexuality, orientation, gender-reassignment, BDSM and polyamory spans 20 years. I am a sex-positive professional with experience helping people in opposite-sex and same-sex relationships.

I am an experienced trainer and teach about sexual orientation, therapy with GLBTQ people, sexuality, HIV and HIV prevention in a variety of settings. For a decade, I was a program development consultant at AIDS Community Services of Western NY, and I continue to remain active in prevention. Additionally, I supervise other mental health and sexuality professionals, and I am a family/divorce mediator.

Other expertise includes: Depression, Trauma, Interpersonal & Relationship Difficulties, Coupling, Uncoupling & Divorce, Pre-marital counseling, Affairs, Healthy and Destructive Sexuality, Major Life Transitions, Loss & Grief, Substance Use & Abuse, and Health-Related Behavior Change (life style changes associated with health risks, follow through with challenging medical treatment, HIV, environmental/ food allergies, HIV & STD Prevention, Managing Chronic Illness to cope with the emotional toll of chronic illness and practical management of illness).


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