Alex Iantaffi

Systemic Psychotherapist at Transforming Perspectives

I offer counselling and psychotherapy services to individuals, couples and families, including children of all ages. My background is in teaching, research and education and I am particularly interested in issues of gender, sexuality and diversity. I am a native speaker of Italian and am also fluent in British Sign Language (CACDP Stage 3), as well as English. I have worked in CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services) clinics for two years, whilst a trainee, and I am currently working as a volunteer family therapist with PACE, London, where I work with LGBT couples and families. I am also an active researcher and writer:

Iantaffi A. (2003) From Klein to Kelly: Construing Bisexuality to Reshape Societal and Gendered Expectations. In: Chiari G. & Nuzzo M.L. (Eds.) Psychological Constructivism and the Social World. Milan, Italy: FrancoAngeli, pp. 79 86.

Iantaffi, A. (2006) Polyamory and parenting: some personal reflections. Lesbian & Gay Psychology Review, 7 (1), pp. 70- 72.

Barker M., Cassidy A., Iantaffi A., Brewer L. and Bowes-Catton H. (in press) British Bisexuality: A Snapshot of Bisexual Identities in the UK. Journal of Bisexuality.

Barker M., Iantaffi A. and Gupta C. (in press) Kinky clients, kinky counselling? The challenges and potentials of BDSM. In: Moon, L. (Ed.) Feeling Queer or Queer Feelings: Counselling and Sexual Cultures. Bruner-Routledge.

My service is for anyone who wishes to seek counselling or psychotherapy. You may be facing particular issues, such as depression, relationship breakdown, retirement, parenthood, homophobia or you may like to just have some time to think about your life with someone outside of your everyday circle of support. If you are uncertain about whether this service is for you, feel free to contact me for an initial discussion.The service can be provided in your own home, at my home, over the phone or online. Please contact me to discuss what would best be suited to your situation.

A one-hour session costs 45 pounds. Please note that the first session is offered for 30 pounds and will last 45 minutes. (If you are unsure on whether therapy is for you or would like to ask some questions/meet me prior to the first session, a shorter, initial consultation of 20 minutes is offered for free, usually on the telephone or online, but face-to-face is also available if preferred). Discounts are available when paying for a block of sessions in advance. Please enquire during the first meeting. If the session is to take place at your home and you live more than 5 miles from Hemel Hempstead, there will be an additional charge for travelling time and petrol. A written agreement can be negotiated during the first session.


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