Sheldon M. Lewin

License # 149-007897 ILLINOIS

Jennifer Isham, MA, NCC, LCPC, CS is a certified sexologist and licensed therapist who uses a psycho-spiritual approach to therapy. Sheldon Lewin LCSW, MBA a licensed clinical social worker specializing in bisexuality. Together they have combined there knowledge, skills, and expertise to provide a model of therapy for working with bisexual clients, their spouses and partners which effectively acknowledges multiple points of input. Using collaborative therapy they combine the logic of masculine energy with the intuitive wisdom of female energy to help individuals and couples discover, explore and learn to accept themselves and their relationships.

Typically this type of therapy will benefit individuals and couples seeking to understand and accept the larger purpose for their relationships, sexual curiosities, desires, needs, and wants. Jennifer and Sheldon use a psycho-spiritual and clinical approach to working with people that is empathic and supportive yet provocatively challenging. They are known for helping move people beyond their comfort zones, look at their lives in different contexts, and transition through challenges into awareness, change, and growth. They are passionate advocates of helping people discover and give life to their unique and personal voices. Through collaborative therapy they help people in the following areas:


. Explore the masculine and female energy within themselves

  •   Develop comfort with their sexuality and increase sexual pleasure
  •   Develop communication skills to express authenticity and foster healthy sexuality
  •   Understand the challenges and strengths of sexual awareness
  •   Learn to embrace and celebrate sex and sexuality
  •   Sexual addiction (compulsivity)


  •   Work through life transitions (marriage, midlife, divorce, custody, remarriage, lifestyle changes)
  •   Deception, betrayal and issues around infidelity
  •   Managing feelings of anger, fear, shock, despair, and devastation
  •   Damaged self esteem and sexual rejection
  •   Coping with shame and secrecy
  •   Difficulty accepting your spouse or partners sexuality
  •   Fears of having been exposed to sexually transmitted diseases or AIDS


  •   Discover bisexuality as a powerful metaphor for the spiritual self and can bring awareness to other areas of duality in your life
  •   Explore bisexuality or being bi-curious. Am I on a journey from bi-curious to bisexual? Am I on a journey of exploring bisexuality and then accepting or rejecting it?
  •   Explore the differences of being ashamed of being bisexual versus the shame our present society places on those   living a bisexual lifestyle

Our offices are located in Rogers Park and Lakeview with easy access by car or public transportation. Refer to www.bi-men-therapy.com for a detailed description of services /benefits, practice guidelines, fees, privacy/confidentiality notification, and our biographies.

1514 W. NORTH SHORE #D1, CHICAGO, IL 60626

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