Emily Page

Massachusetts Licensed Mental Health Counselor # 3327. Psychologist, Psychotherapist, Shamanic Journeywork and Energy Practitioner.

I am a bisexual psychologist and energy/journeywork practitioner. I have 26 years of experience doing psychotherapy with English-speaking clients of all sexual and gender orientations in the Boston Area. I work with individuals, families and both monogamous and polyamorous relationships. In terms of age, I see folks in their teens all the way through some courageous women and men in their elder years.

My training includes expressive and creative versions of psychotherapy as well as traditional “talk therapy” and I enjoy doing both. In fact, I just enjoy and am grateful each client I see. After 26 years, I am still awed by my clients’ wisdom, courage, and resiliency and honored to help with healing or personal growth. I have particular interest in LGBT issues, recovery from addictions, including co-dependency and eating disorders, and trauma. I also assist clients with depression, anxiety, grieving, life transitions, and career issues. I also work with those who want to include their religious or spiritual perspective in their psychotherapy.

I did the first research on bisexual women’s and men’s experiences of mental health services and do presentations on this and other topics having to do with “bi” issues in the Boston Area and at National and International Conferences on Bisexuality. An article presenting my research will be in the upcoming Journal of Bisexuality to be published early in 2004. I am Co-Chair of the Committee on Bisexual Issues in Psychology of the American Psychological Association’s Division 44 (Society for the Psychological Study of LGB Issues).

My fee: $100. I can slide lower in some cases of need. I am not currently on insurance panels, but that should change during 2004. Some insurance plans will partially reimburse members for sessions with non-network providers and I am happy to work with clients to facilitate insurer co-payments when that is the case.

P.O. BOX 1304, ARLINGTON, MA, 02474. USA

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